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Beautiful handcrafted hair, the kind way.


Like a sculptor, we explore shape, work with textures and bring your style to life.

Cut & Style

Your Cut & Style experience is met with the keen ear of your stylist; to listen and understand you, your hair & your lifestyle.

Style Finish

Scalp & Hair Cleanse | Hair Mask | Blow Dry & Style Finish

Blowdry & Style

From $75
From $90

Cut & Style Finish

Scalp & Hair Cleanse | Hair Mask | Wet Cut | Dry Cut | Blow Dry & Style Finish

From      $90-$180

Event & Wedding Hair

Quote on consultation


Like the artisan, we create light & shade, brightening every canvas with the finest of brushstrokes with the world’s first ammonia-free OWAY lightening butter; tailored for your crown.


From $95
From $125
From $155
From $185
From $220

Everyone’s highlighting journey is unique and requires a bespoke arrangement of formulations and techniques. Because of this, we structure our pricing on application time and amount of product estimated, which is all discussed with you and quoted during your consultation.

Adding depth and natural complexity to your colour profile, so that your hair perfectly curates your natural beauty.


100% handcrafted hair experience of blending, balancing and melting your colour palette composition with OWAY ammonia-free colour system.

Partial Regrowth
Full Colour

From $85
From $115
From $130

Colour with Highlighting Service

Root Stretch & Gloss
Multi-zone Colouring

From $105
From $130



The ultimate rebuilding hair treatment for chemically or thermally damaged hair. Repairing with LED technology, naturally rebuilding proteins and hydrating minerals within the keratin chains; deep in the hair fibre. Reconstructing the strength and resilience of what has been lost, within the hair structure.

Rebuilding Serum Infusion with Hyalominerals & Ceramides F | Ultrasonic and Infrared Application | Scalp & Hair Cleanse | Rebuilding Mask | Massage | Style Finish

90mins      $160

3 Sessions      $450


The ultimate anti-frizz, smoothing and taming treatment for unruly hair and unwanted volume. No more frizz effect, restores hydration and softness to the hair fibe. With 87% of naturally derived ingredients, this relaxing treatment improves hair condition and eliminates frizz to leave a smooth cuticle with long lasting results. Making it easier to manage and style.

Scalp & Hair Cleanse | Straighten Serum Infusion | Straightening Application | Hair Strengthening Milk | Style Finish

180mins      $130

Time to relax, cleanse the scalp, nourish the hair, awaken the skin and calm the mind.