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Our Story

Without the emergence of the revolutionary recipe and ethos of OWAY Hair Products, we wouldn't be here today...

The beginning...

After many years in the hair industry and owning my first salon when I was 22 years old, I decided to take a break. Despite my deep passion for creating amazing hair, the toxic chemicals in the product just became too much and I wanted a new challenge. I spent 5 years working and learning from other industries and then raising my first daughter Elaina. She triggered something in me to want to source cleaner, kinder, ethical beauty, hair and lifestyle products. I always dreamt of having a salon again, but taking everything I knew about a typical salon environment, products and culture and flipping it on its head.

I searched high and low for clearer products and in 2017 I finally came across OWAY (Organic Way) in Italy. This company blew my mind at the lengths they went to, to reduce the impact on the environment, sourcing ethical ingredients, and using biodynamic farming methods to produce the most amazing hair, beauty and lifestyle products with incredible results. I was hooked, and 9 weeks later we opened the doors to Moxie & Muse.

Moxie was a term I heard in old films I watched with my grandad, it describes a person with gumption, courage, spirit and determination, someone who walks to the beat of their own drum. The Muse represents artistic expression and creativity. There is a Frida Kahlo quote that rings true for me, ‘ I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.’ My dream is to create a space where you feel you are both the Moxie and the Muse of your own story.

The Moxie & Muse Team’s hope is to enlighten and inspire like-minds seeking more. There are kinder ways to colour hair, practice self care and treat yourself.

Mel x

Biodynamic hair products, holistic consciousness...

Originating in the hills of Bologna, Italy – Organic Way (OWAY) is the fruit of over 15 years of research, testing, consulting and conceptualising a truly ethical, effective and gentle hair product range for salons – from top to bottom. Their incredible product recipes, including the worlds first ammonia-free salon quality bleach, are organic from the source, ethically harvested, consciously packaged and completely transparent with their community. The results are healthy, beautiful hair with no compromise for the artist or client.

A commitment to ethical treatment of our environment.

As a registered member of Sustainable Salons, a unique national enterprise that enables Hair and Beauty Salons to make better waste decisions for their business – Moxie & Muse is embracing their connection to the planet from the moment you enter the salon to the moment we close the doors at the end of busy day.

The sustainable salon:

– Collected +28,000kg or hair for Hair Booms to absorb ocean oil spills
– Diverted +188,000kg of metal from landfill
– Recycled +193,000kg of paper
– Kept +143,000kg of plastics in circulation
– Donations provided 118,000 Meals to those in need through OzHarvest

The OWAY Product Range

Organic Way, where the organic and biodynamic raw materials are combined with the most effective and sustainable, natural, active and functional ingredients to create exclusive rituals and unique multi-sensory experiences.  OWAY Hair Care – Hair baths, nourishing masks, moisturising conditioners and energising sprays for solving scalp imbalances and improving the hair fibre.

Scroll through and discover the OWAY Products we use everyday for our clients.