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Discover the Power of Agricosmetics

The agricosmetics of the HANDLE & DEFEND styling family have been designed to nourish, detangle and protect hair from heat damage. 

The active ingredient that has enabled Oway to achieve optimum results is OLIVE STONE EXTRACT 🫒🌱✨ an UPCYCLING ingredient deriving from olive oil processing waste which they have recovered in collaboration with a farm in the Bologna area that produces organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

They use the extract of the stone, an inedible part of the olive but rich in the antioxidant and nutritional properties found in the fruit, to create agricosmetics that detangle and treat the hair after washing, protecting it and ensuring it remains smooth even during styling.

This is a choice that has enabled Oway to develop highly effective hair products that MAKE FULL USE OF ORGANIC RESOURCES, ELIMINATING WASTE ♻️

Watch the video to see how Oway created the products of the HANDLE & DEFEND family, from the field to the bottle.